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At Lotus we pride ourselves in delivering & storing customers’s containers securely and safely. With a team of dedicated drivers, yard workers, outgoing dispatch and customer service to fulfil all of your needs.

Our core operation consists of:

  • Import & Export container deliveries; daily import & export from CP rail and CN rail

  • Reach stacker machine allows for loading, unloading, stacking and storing of;

    • 20′, 40′, 45′ containers

  • Strategic planning of pickup and delivery of full loads or empty container according to your convenience

  • Canada Wide container drayage and Canadian delivery with trans-load delivery

  • Secured warehouse for cross-docking and trans-loading

With Our growing tractor fleet and intermodal chassis, you can rest assured your goods are in care of professional handling and safe-keeping. Additionally, our yard is equipped with full perimeter fencing, security cameras and a present guard; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our Drivery and staff use latest terminology apps for – Realtime Delivery Information All chassis and Trucks have on board GPS

Customer Service Process- Import

  • Customer sends work-order
  • The container is tracked and traced from all rails and terminals.
  • The customer is then updated with the eta of the container and if available the delivery appointment is then requested.
  • We then advise the customer and the appointment is made for delivery.
  • If no apptontment time is available for the delivery the container can be pulled on the lfd and stored at our secured yard until the appointment is obtained.
  • The customer is notified of any delays or any extra charges that may arrise.
  • The container is then delierved and then returned to the assinged empty depot.
  • Customer is then invoiced.

Customer Service Process- Export

  • Customer send the work-order.
  • The workorder is the entered and the customer can be notifired if any required information is needed.
  • The steam ship line is contacted to ensure the booking confirmation is correct and to confirm equipment availability.
  • This is done one day before prior to loading to make sure that there is equipnet for the loading.
  • Loading time is then scheduled with the customer.
  • If the export is returning to cn then the rv is obtained according to the export pickup schedule.
  • Once the loading is completed and the railbilling and b13 has been completed to the steamship lines requirements the load is then returned to the correct terminal.
  • Customer will be notified of any delays or extra costs and invoiced

Container Drayage

Container Drayage to and from Ontario to Quebec.

Container drayage refers to moving goods from one location to another on a container. At Lotus Transportation, we offer drayage services that plays a vital role in the intermodal transportation of goods. Our container dryage services include:

  • Moving container from port to port
  • Port to the rail yard
  • Port to warehouse/ shipping hub
  • Facility to the port, rail yard, or another facility

Whenever you need to pick up freight or move it to the next hub, our drayage services are the efficient solution for your intermodal strategy. We provide customized transportation solutions and arrange container shipping of any type and volume.

Container Storage and Transport Service

At Lotus Transportation, we specialize in delivering & storing customers’ containers securely and safely. With a team of dedicated drivers, yard workers, outgoing dispatch, and customer service, we are here to meet all your transportation needs efficiently. With Our growing tractor fleet and intermodal chassis, rest assured your goods are in safe and professional hands.

Additionally, our yard is equipped with full perimeter fencing, security cameras, and a present guard; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Full Truck Load (FTL) Services

When it comes to trucking services, you always look for a trusted company that offers professional service and on-time delivery. As one of the most reputable trucking companies in Ontario, you can rely on our full truckload services for the safe and timely delivery of your freight.

We understand the sensitivity of customers’ needs and will take care by providing apt and relevant equipment for effective handling, besides arranging regulatory compliance for your valuable freight movement. Rest assured, you can leave the logistics worries to us and concentrate on your core competence/business.

Less than Truck Load (LTL) Services

Our less than truck load (LTL) option is ideal if you have cargo than what a typical parcel carrier service can handle but not enough to accommodate a full truck load. In such a situation, Lotus Transportation’s LTL service is the ideal option to ship valuable goods.

We consolidate LTL cargo to a common destination from multiple customers and all LTL cargo gets shipped on the same truck to that destination. With our vast experience in handling full truck loads and LTL shipments, we can give you the best service with safe and timely delivery.

Dry Van Trucking Service

At Lotus Transportation, we take no shortcuts. We ensure to provide the best truck for each job. Before dispatching drivers, we determine which truck is best for your project. No job is too big, small, or complicated for us. We always find the solution that’s most convenient and prevents disruption. We have a have diverse fleet with several special trucks for fast, stress-free delivery. The fully enclosed and protected environment makes dry van shipping ideal for transporting non-perishable goods. Basically, this means flooring, office furniture, rugs, electrical equipment, and other weather-sensitive materials.

Cross Docking

At Lotus Transportation, our drivers assist you in handling part of your company’s sorting tasks and give you the option of controlling the entire supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user.

With our cross docking service, we consolidate shipments from various suppliers. It reduces the number of deliveries and optimizes the supply chain, thereby ensuring cheaper and efficient transportation. Some of its benefits include:

  • Reduces distribution costs
  • Reduces facility operating costs
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Increases retailer efficiency


If you are looking for a safe and easy to access warehousing facility in Brampton, Lotus Transportation is your go-to choice. With years of industry experience, we assist clients in managing their supply chain and storage needs with a secure warehouse. We help with:

  • Short or long-term storage – pallet or loose
  • Order tracking and location monitoring
  • 24/7 secured and monitored environment
  • Pick-pack and cross docking facility

For safe storage of goods and belongings, look no further than us. From unloading to picking and packing, our team is skilled at offering all sorts of warehousing services.


Transloading services are used to transfer goods from one mode of transportation to another. It is generally relevant for international shipping and consists of several steps as the cargo requires to be shifted from the dock to the transloading facility.

The process of transloading utilizes container cargo. Our drivers at Lotus Transportation help with shipments in which the goods are transloaded into the corresponding vehicle. No matter, where the cargo comes from, we transload it into our trucks and trailers.

Container Destuffing

Proper offloading of cargo out of the containers is one of the most important aspects of shipping. Strategic offloading of containers makes the process fast, simple, and safe. Choosing our freight offloading professionals at Lotus Transportation ensures quality and safety. Our offloading services will save you money and also provides protection against damaged goods.

We are one of the trusted companies in Canada for container destuffing/ unloading services. Our methods are the most efficient and reliable in the business. If you want container unloading done right, rely on our talented team.

Container Storage Yard

We have a flawless record of keeping our customers’ containers, of all types, safe and secure. Our yard is equipped with the following features:

  • Fully alarmed fenced yard with strategically placed video surveillance
  • 24/7 patrols and security at controlled gate entrance
  • Hyster lifter for expeditious loading and unloading of 20’, 40’, 45’ and 53’ containers

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